Protech Personal Defense founder Chief Tim McDaniel spent 27 years in law enforcement, working to keep the citizens he served safe. During that time, he was introduced to the Taser – one of the most brilliant tools available for officer use in gaining suspect compliance without having to use more drastic measures (i.e. a firearm).  Chief realized quickly that if the TASER was THAT useful in keeping officers safe, why wouldn’t it do the same for civilians?

Corporal BK Smith comes to PPD with 25 years of law enforcement experience from the Tulsa Police Department, where he is currently a Master TASER Instructor and the Assistant Range Manager for the department.  He has in his long career been part of the SWAT unit, the Detective’s Unit, Street Crimes/Vice, and is qualified to train officers in a number of areas besides TASER, including high risk vehicle stops, immediate action rapid deployments and patrol tactics. He is also a fitness instructor.

Our mission here at PPD is to offer the same type of safety option and training available to officers nationwide. We focus solely on Taser use, and will show you why it is a superior over other forms of self-protection. We care about your safety – let us help you improve that for both you and your family