TASER Pulse 2TASER Pulse – $399.99 

TASER’s latest creation for civilian self-defense! It’s the perfect alternative for those who cannot or won’t carry a firearm. Whether you’re a nurse, realtor, teacher, banker, doctor, jogger, or mom-on-the-go, this is a perfect solution to defend yourself from attackers, as well as vicious animals. The fact that the Pulse is lightweight and concealable is a huge plus.



Neuro-muscular Incapacitation (NMI) – the Pulse limits an attacker’s ability to control his/her muscles for 30 seconds by overriding the body’s central nervous system. This gives YOU a better chance of getting to a safe place, away from the attacker

15-foot range – giving you better personal space so an attacker is less likely to get their hands on you

Laser-guided aim – no practice needed with this tool; paired with an LED light, your target will be difficult to miss

Stun-gun capability – when close encounters cannot be avoided

Sleek design – similar to a firearm in design, but more slimmed down to avoid snagging

Battery status indicator – the green light lets you know you’re good to go


TASER BoltTASER Bolt – $399.99

TASER’s original civilian NMI model, it packs the same power as the Pulse.


Strikelight 2

Strikelight – $129.99



X26C – $999.99


X26p 2

X26P – $1199.00


X2 – $1399.00


 Cartridges –

  • Pulse (2 pk.) – $69.99
  • Bolt (2 pk.) – $69.99
  • X26C (2 pk.) – $69.99
  • X26P (2pk.) – $69.99
  • X2 (2 pk.) $79.99

Blade Tech IWB Holster For Pulse 2

Bladetech holster for Pulse – $39.99