Check out what some of our class attendees said about PPD!!

“I would rather carry the Taser Pulse than a weapon. Having the tool and training as one package was great because I didn’t have to worry about figuring out how to use it on my own. I would recommend this to any of my friends and family.”
Candace B. – Tulsa, OK

“The class with the taser included was great! Very professional. The instructors were all certified police instructors. Where can you go to be trained and receive your Taser Pulse along with armed cartridges for $500? It’s absolutely amazing!”
Angela S. – Tulsa, OK

“For anyone that wants to protect themselves but is uncomfortable with or not able to carry a gun the Taser and training package is the absolute best solution. The training is such a benefit because you learn how to use the tool safely and will be prepared to protect yourself and your family immediately. If your solution is to purchase a firearm then you have to purchase ammo, all permits and licenses required by your state and spend hours at a gun range practicing. I would highly recommend the taser and training program.”
Eric C. – Tulsa, OK

“I loved the class. I already feel safer and less anxious about the times when I will be alone. It’s sad but true that it can be scary to be woman and alone at night leaving work. Carrying the Taser Pulse and having the know how to use it is an amazing feeling of empowerment!”
Nancy L. – Verdigris, OK

“The Taser training is awesome. The curriculum comes from police officers and the police world. It’s great to have the insight of people that have actually been in these beyond stressful situations to teach you what to expect and the best techniques to deal with it.”
William W. – Broken Arrow, OK